GeneTech's service profile is comprehensive and is continuously upgraded with new diagnostic tools to detect population specific genetic disorders with increased sensitivity at low cost.  More than 500 genetic tests are offered in Genetech's medical genetics diagnostic division which include Cytogenetics, FISH or Molecular Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Prenatal and Neonatal or Metabolic Screening, Biochemical Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Prenatal Sampling and Genetic Counseling.

We offer the best turn around times in the industry. Our laboratory is NABL, CDC and EQAS accredited. We offer sample collection facilities throughout the country. Please see the Contact Us page for details about our branches and network.



Tests handling a wide variety of tissues, identification of numerical and structural chromosomal defects, familial variant chromosomes using latest image analysis tools. 




Test for detection of chromosomal aneuploidy, prenatal rapid FISH combo test, micro deletion syndromes and tumor markers by fluorescent in situ hybridization.


Molecular Genetics


Hundreds of single-gene disorders, carrier testing, and prenatal diagnosis using sophisticated methods - PCR, Sanger gene sequencing, microarrays, and next generation sequencing.


Advanced Molecular


Next generation sequencing, multi-gene panels, microarrays for syndrome identification, confirmation tests by Sanger sequencing, report interpretation.


Prenatal Screening


Down syndrome, ONTD, Trisomy 18, Trisomy 13 screening by first trimester double marker, second trimester triple screen and quadruple screen, preeclampsia risk. 


Neonatal Screening


Newborn screening for metabolic disorders, tandem mass screening, urine metabolic screening and enzyme studies for inborn errors of metabolism.




Identification and quantification of cancer mutations using cytogenetics, PCR, RT-PCR, RQ-RT PCR, gene sequencing on blood, bone marrow, tumor and lymph tissues.


Genetic Counseling


Case specific genetic counseling by expert counselors using various visual methods. Detailed pedigree analysis. Letter provided. Video conferencing counseling available. 


Prenatal Sampling


Ultrasound guided invasive prenatal diagnostic procedures performed by trained radiologists. Amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling (CVS biopsy), cordocentesis.