GeneTech’s central laboratory located in Hyderabad across the picturesque KBR Park at Banjara Hills is the largest facility for any independent medical genetics lab in India. Our facility houses labs for all technologies applied in medical genetics and genomics to provide accurate and timely diagnosis – NGS, Sanger Sequencing, MLPA using Sanger, Cyto & SNP MicroArrays, RT qPCR, CLIA, ELISA, TandemMass, GCMS, PCR, Cytogenetics, FISH, and Genotyping technologies.

Cytogenetic Lab


Laboratory designed to maintain sterile conditions crucial for tissue culture of prenatal samples. Cutting-edge technologies for quick turnaround and accurate and high-resolution karyotyping.



Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) involves sequencing of millions of DNA fragments in parallel to obtain vast amounts of data affordably.



Our FISH lab uses the best hybridization technology available in the world today with probe design and automated flourescent microscopy for accurate aneuploidy and micro-deletion detection.


Real Time PCR Lab at GeneTech offers a large number of testing options from TaqMan based Drug Metabolism Enzyme (DME) genotyping to SYBR Green Dye based gene expression studies, copy number analysis, microRNA profiling as well as Long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) expression analysis.



Detection of single-gene mutations, multi-gene panel is achieved by advanced molecular technologies such as PCR, Sanger sequencing, microarrays and next  generation sequencing.

MicroArray Lab

Microarray technology enables us to probe hundreds of thousands of loci at a time to detect microdeletions, copy number changes, loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and low level mosaicism.

Biochemical Lab


Use of Chemilumiscence CLIA technology, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), time resolved flourimetry and Chromatography technologies for world class biochemical genetics. 

Sequencing Lab

Sequencing Lab at GeneTech offers rapid confirmation of variants reported in Next-Gen Sequencing and also offering prenatal diagnosis options for extremely rare mutations.