Burden of Genetic Defects on RGD


Burden of Genetic Defects on Reproductive, Growth and Development


Inability to produce gametes or production of defective gametes in normal adults can be due to genetic causes resulting in infertility

Conception And Early Pregnancy

Genes regulate conception, implantation and development of the
embryo. Defects in fetal genes result in pregnancy loss.


Routine antenatal ultrasound screening identifies fetal anomalies or
markers indicative of a syndrome


Minor or severe birth defects, ambiguous genitalia identified
at the time of birth could be caused by genetic factors.


Developmental delay, growth retardation and intellectual
disability with autism spectrum of disorders

Young Adult

Reproductive developmental delay, lack of secondary sexual
characters and other complications


Individuals with normal childhood can develop inherited
muscular, neurological, gastric or other organ system  defects

Late Onset

With increase in life expectancy, numerous late onset
diseases and cancer are on rise