Genetic Counseling Overview

Genetic Counseling Overview

GeneTech is one of the first independent medical genetics labs which popularized Genetic Counseling in India. Building on our experience in counseling, and more than 200 genetic counseling camps that we conducted, we have developed and systematized a unique genetic counseling process.

One of the most important features of our counseling process is that we provide the summary of the counseling session with recommendations in writing to the patients with a copy to the referring physician.

Experienced genetic counselors
who are Qualified Medical
Geneticists, with Genetics Ph.D

Risk Estimation, test
recommendation, scope and
limitations. Non-directive and

Post-test counseling with result
interpretation and explanation

Systematic Pedigree and
Family History analysis

Effective communication using
Charts and Slides


Summary counseling letter
to referring physician


Use of Dysmorphology and
Genetic Databases

Simple, informative & relevant
brochures in easy FAQ format.
Available in multiple languages

Web or WhatsApp Counseling
option for patients

Followup with families and
referring physician