About Us

Organization Overview

GeneTech pioneered genetics services in India and remains the most comprehensive genetics laboratory today offering a wide range of services. Founded in 1998, GeneTech has built a strong team of genetic technologists and counselors who drive the laboratory's emergence today as well a respected scientific organization.

Our wide range of services include more than 500 tests in Cytogenetics, FISH or Molecular Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Advanced Molecular Genetics including New Generation Sequencing and Microarray testing, Prenatal Screening, Neonatal or Metabolic Screening, Biochemical Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Prenatal Sampling and Genetic Counseling.

Our Professional Education division offers both short term, long term technology projects and genetic counseling programs.

For Doctors


GeneTech works closely with doctors helping them apply advances in medical genetics in their day to day practice. Our CMEs and our unique Case of The Month programs are popular among the medical community. Our genetics experts are available on phone and email for case discussions.


For Families


GeneTech pioneered genetic counseling in India. Along with long counseling sessions we provide relevant patient information material for several disorders, and follow-up with patients in all cases. We are a single point laboratory for families with any genetics related issue.


For Students


GeneTech offers short-term and long-term training programs in molecular genetics, cytogenetic, clinical genetics and plant genetics, both for life sciences graduates as well as medical professionals. By learning from the leader, students lay a strong foundation in genetics for their careers.